How to protect and guide your own children

The report “BOYS GIRLS OTHER: Making Sense of the Confusing New World of Gender Identity” includes important guidelines and suggestions for parents on how to protect and guide your own children.
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Where does your local school stand on this issue?

Does your local school have a bathroom / changing room / bunkroom policy that protects ALL students.
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Do schools HAVE to allow students access to toilets, changing rooms, bunkrooms and sports teams of the opposite sex?

No. Schools are not required under the law to have to allow transgender students access to shared toilets, showers and changing rooms, or allow transgender students to participate in sports teams that do not match their biological sex.
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Gender Dysphoria and Surgical Abuse – Dr John Whitehall

In recent years, the issue of transgender identity in children has leapt from the periphery of public consciousness to centre stage of a cultural drama played out in the media, courts, schools, hospitals, families, and in the minds and bodies of children. It is a kind of utopian religion with committed believers. What astonishes me is the lack of evidence to support massive medical intervention aimed at “changing” a child’s sex when such procedures are simply not necessary. The enthusiasm of ethics committees in hospitals, health regions and universities for such procedures is an ongoing mystery.
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